Refer a Business and earn up to $400!

The Green Lite Referral Network rewards individuals and partners for submitting referrals that sign up and install with any of our certified partners service packages.

Share your Referral.

Submit your contacts information, and we take it from there — by scheduling a consultative sales appointment with your referral to understand their business, find a solution that meets their need, and, if it’s a good fit, ask them for their business.

Earn up to $400 per referral.

We’ll send you a reward in the form of a check or gift card to you as soon as your referral installs the services they signed up for. All referrals are paid within 30-45 days of your referral’s installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone sign up for the Green Lite Referral Network?
Any United States citizen, 18 years of age or older, can sign up for the Green Lite Referral Network.

Q: What information does Green Lite IT need to collect from me to get me signed up?
In order to send your reward, Green Lit IT needs your personal or business name, current address, phone number, email address, Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number information, and choice of check or gift card. Also, partners are required to maintain the accuracy of this information on the website.

Q: Why does Green Lite IT need me to provide my SSN or Tax ID?
According to IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax regulations, Green Lite IT must report any money paid to an individual or business to the IRS each calendar year, and send a 1099 form to the Referral Partner to use for their tax return. The SSN or Tax ID is required for each Referral Partner so that referral rewards can be made in accordance with current tax regulations.

Q: How will Green Lite IT use my personal information? How do I know my data will be kept private?
Click on the “Privacy” link at the bottom of this page to view Green Lite IT’s Privacy Policy.