Questions We Can Answer

Geographic Coverage: What carrier(s) can service all of your clients locations?

Price: Who are the lowest and highest priced carriers?

Product Breadth: What carriers offer VoIP, fully managed solutions, integrated bundles, Point-to-Points, QOS, etc.?

Installation Timeframes: Which carriers can meet your clients' scheduling requirements? Which carriers can actually deliver what they promise?

Financial Stability: Which carriers will be in business 5 years from now? What carriers face potential financial obstacles and why?

Specials and Promos: Which carriers offer special pricing, and which ones are truly special? How can I win a deal?

Customer Service: Which carriers can you expect to respond intelligently to your customers' needs and/or issues? Who is the quickest? Most professional?

Technical Service: Which carriers can you depend on to proactively figure out complex issues and to provide timely solutions?

Knowledge: What information can I provide my customer(s) that will help me win deals against low priced competitors?

Call Center Solutions
Need sub-penny rates? 6 decimal place rounding? Tiered and/or by-LATA pricing?

Conference Calling Solutions
How about free Conference Calling (with or without toll free) at great commissions to use as a perk to win deals?