Voice & Internet

Green Lite IT also works as an independent brokerage, representing over 65 of the largest Business telecommunication providers across the nation. As a broker, we can objectively recommend telecommunications services that best meet your growing needs. There is never a charge to you for our services. Our services range from vendor selection, contract negotiation, installation management, SLA monitoring, and troubleshooting.We want to be your partner when it comes to your Business Phone and Data solutions. We take out the difficultly, and hassle with researching what providers are available in your area, or who has the best price available.

Single Point of Contact

Green Lite IT provides a single point of contact for your company’s telecommunication’s needs. We will negotiate on your behalf to obtain low cost local service, long distance service, and data services including Internet access, MPLS and T1 connections.

Overall Savings

In many cases, our telecommunications brokers will be able to save your company anywhere from 20% to 50% off of its current telecommunications service charges. Your company signs a contract directly with the Carrier that you choose and will be billed directly from that Carrier. Green Lite IT specialty is to look at the clients’ needs through free audits of their phone bills, find mistakes, apply for possible refunds and suggest less expensive carriers that fit the clients’ need. Green Lite IT also provides follow-up audits to make sure the carrier is billing under the right plan. Green Lite IT also keeps informed about industry trends and keeps track of even better plans as they become available. So if there is no option today, we will alert you as soon as one becomes available.

The Process

  1. Assess client voice and data needs.
  2. Audit current local, long distance and data invoices and contracts.
  3. Identify alternative suppliers for the clients’ telecom services.
  4. Provide a formal recommendation/implementation strategy.
  5. Monthly analysis of client bills with consideration for changes in the voice and data market.

The Goal

  1. To make sure our client’s are not being overcharged for services vital to their operation.
  2. To make the process simple for our clients so they can focus their time on what they do best.
  3. To assure our clients have the best possible services to meet their growing business needs.
  4. To make sure our clients understand where their money is going, and to confirm their resources are used efficiently.
  5. Give our clients the piece of mind and confidence in their overall telecommunications setup.